Esla Adventure with dog equipment
Esla Adventure with dog equipment Esla Adventure with dog equipment Esla Adventure with dog equipment Esla Adventure with dog equipment Esla Adventure with dog equipment Esla Adventure with dog equipment Esla Adventure with dog equipment Esla Adventure with dog equipment

Esla Adventure with dog equipment

Esla / Kainpo Oy
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What do you get when you combine a sled and a traditional kick sled?

Esla Adventure of course!

Adventure is a new generation sporty kick sled for many purposes.

The aluminum-framed sled is designed to serve dog enthusiasts, ice skaters and all outdoor enthusiasts.

The starting point is that kicking with this model is light, stable and stuff can fit on board.

The SUSPENSION in the frame picks up the unevenness of the terrain, making the ride safe and the sled turns well!

The spring can be locked without tools, so kicking on hard surfaces is also pleasant.

Adventure is easy to put together (without tools), so transporting it doesn't cause any problems.

It even fits in a ski box.

Numerous accessories are available for the basic model depending on the purpose of use.

In addition, with a hint of Finnish wood, the nostalgia of a kick sled has been preserved!


The suspension makes the Esla Adventure kicksled unique compared to traditional kicksleds.

The flexibility of the frame, combined with the long bow section and the low center of gravity, make the model extremely stable to drive when moving fast and on winding routes.

The spring can be locked without tools, so the sled is stable to kick even where the spring is not needed.

You can adjust the driving position to suit yourself.

Handlebar height adjustment in the sled approx. 15cm.

You can also adjust the angle of the handlebar or change it completely to Tisene.

The sled can be folded into a space-saving size for transport or storage. (Also brake and dog equipment installed) The folding mechanism works without tools, by loosening the screws and turning the body part over the legs.

The sled can also be locked in this position, which makes lifting and handling easy even when the sled is folded.

Plastic sliding feet 35mm and footrests are part of the sled as standard equipment.

The quick attachment of the plastic feet makes their use and maintenance easier.

The ability to be equipped has been especially taken into account in the Adventure model.

Esla Adventure with dog equipment includes the following:

Dog pull adapter (Esla Adventure)

The adapter prevents the traction cloth from getting tangled under the feet when using a dog.

Sled leash (for one and two dogs)                                                                                                                A sled leash with the right elasticity and dimensions facilitates the cooperation between the dog and the driver.

Sled leash fasteners (Esla Adventure)                                                                                                        With the fasteners, the sled leash is easy to use and the pull is directed correctly.

Front Bumper (Esla Adventure)                                                                                                                     The plastic, flexible front arch cushions and dampens a possible collision if the sled runs over the dog.

Sliding plate (Esla Adventure)                                                                                                                  The plastic on the bottom of the sled improves the sliding of the sled in thicker snow and over obstacles.

Snow cover (Esla Adventure)                                                                                                                Snow cover / backrest made of durable fabric. Improves the item's stay on the ride and prevents snow from flying into the kicker's feet when using a dog.

Snow runners (Esla Adventure)                                                                                                                      The sliding feet are 35mm wide and narrower than the plastic ones attached to the universal foot. Improves load-bearing capacity and slippage in snowy conditions. A good choice for versatile winter use!

Technical information:

Length                                         187 cm

Height (controller bracket)      80-98 cm (with a different handlebar you can make more adjustments.)

Width                                           39 cm (legs) 40 cm (frame) 64 cm (handlebar, standard)

Weight                                        approx. 10 kg (with standard equipment)

Collapsible                                  Folded height 17cm

User height                                140-200cm

Warranty                                    1 year

Colors:                                        Black, Red

Standard equipment:             Snow runners

ESLA Adventure has a one (1) year warranty against raw material and manufacturing defects. The warranty does not apply to defects or disadvantages due to wear, rusting, color changes of wooden parts or misuse.

Esla Adventure is made in Finland!

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