Kickbike Cross 29er with dog equipment
Kickbike Cross 29er with dog equipment

Kickbike Cross 29er with dog equipment

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Choose the adapter and leash you want

We made this expressly for mushers (dog racers). There's big wheels for smooth rolling at speed and high cornering traction. There's hydraulic disc brakes because your dog's are strong. There's lower ground clearance than on other cross models because you want to kick fast. There's a carbon fork because you want it. And Cross 29'er won the world championship title at it's debut.

Frame                                                                      KB-MAX SQ, aluminum

Brakes                                                                     Hydraulic Disc

Front fork                                                                Carbon fork

Suspension                                                             No

Wheels Complete(front/rear)                              29" / 26"

Wheels (front/rear)                                               cross double wall rims (alu) for disc models 29" / 26" 

Tires (front/rear)                                                     Kenda Small Block Eight 29" / Kenda Small Block Eight 26" 

Standard equipment                                             Bell, Toos set

Weight (kg/lbs)                                                      9,7 / 21,4

Rider max weight (kg/lbs)                                   120 / 265

Selection of dog pull adapter and leash.

Select the adapter as follows:

Ultra Swing: The best adapter for versatile pulling of the dog on a scooter or bike.

Combi PLUS: If you want to pull and run the dog on the side with the same adapter. Forced spring.

Universal: If, in addition to summer use, the intention is to use the same adapter also in winter in the Kickspark kick sled.

Race PRO: Light adapter intended primarily for racing use. You should choose Race PRO if you can't attach an adapter to the bike frame. (e.g. carbon fiber frames) Mounted on the fork tube.

Choose a leash as follows:

Bike leash (1 or 2 dogs): To pull!

Walking leash: On the side for running! (Together with the Combi PLUS adapter.)

The Cross 29'er dog equipment also includes a Nylon collar! (35e)

If you choose the Race PRO model as the adapter, the Nylon collar is not needed and it is not included.

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