Kickbike FAT MAX with dog equipment
Kickbike FAT MAX with dog equipment

Kickbike FAT MAX with dog equipment

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Dog pull adapter and leash of your choice

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This Kickbike model is so stable that you even want to get more dogs.

Despite its appearance, the Fat MAX is very light and can comfortably climb up hills.

Hydraulic disc brakes take care of stopping together with wide tires.

The step board has been widened to make standing on the board as safe as possible.

Selection of dog pull adapter and leash.

Select the adapter as follows:

Ultra Swing: The best adapter for versatile pulling of the dog on a scooter or bike.

Combi PLUS: If you want to pull and run the dog on the side with the same adapter. Forced spring.

Universal: If, in addition to summer use, the intention is to use the same adapter also in winter in the Kickspark kick sled.

Race PRO: Light adapter intended primarily for racing use. You should choose Race PRO if you can't attach an adapter to the bike frame. (e.g. carbon fiber frames) Mounted on the fork tube.

Choose a leash as follows:

Bike leash (1 or 2 dogs): To pull!

Walking leash: On the side for running! (Together with the Combi PLUS adapter.)

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