Kickbike CliX
Kickbike CliX Kickbike CliX Kickbike CliX Kickbike CliX

Kickbike CliX

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The foldable CliX is an easy way to move few miles at a running pace but with very little effort and to do that wherever you need.It is designed especially for boaters, campers or commuters who need a stable, safe and maintenance free ride but frequently need to pack their gear to a small space. Folding/unfolding the CliX is exceptionally fast (15 seconds at first and 5 after practice) and requires naturally no tools nor detaching any parts. Despite the small 16 inch wheels we have managed to create a geometry that is easy and fast to ride. Folded, the CliX stands like a suitcase and offers a solid handle at the balance point for easy handling.

CliX is the right combination of fitness, transportability and control for adults. It makes getting from A to B more exciting and easier to plan.

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