Kainpo RS

The Kainpo RS frame has been developed for competitive use on the road and for dog races in the DS 1-2 class.
The same frame works in both sports, but the parts are selected according to the purpose of use and the user. 
The frame is the result of many years of hard work, testing and experience.
The frame is handmade in Finland.
The manufacturing material is steel, which we have finally found to be a great material for a scooter; 
-resistant to wear and bumps.
-suitably elastic, but still sufficiently rigid and durable with this frame solution.
-the most ecological of the frame materials.
-easily repairable.
- light enough

The unique design of the frame is protected as a model and there are no similar ones elsewhere.

This is an order product that is manufactured according to the customer's wishes. Among other things, the customer can choose the color himself.

"I inspect and finish each frame by myself to make sure everything works!"
- Kai Immonen


The fact that the Kainpo RS frame has gotten this curved and attention-grabbing appearance is thanks to years of hard kicking, testing and prototyping.
Mistakes have been made, but in the end suitable solutions and insights were finally found. 
Of course, a little bit of luck is also needed in every case to reach the optimal result.

In the beginning, of course, my priority was lightness, like most enthusiasts in the industry, but at
some point I realized that many other aspects are much more important than the lightness of the frame.

I have also changed my mind about the frame material along the way, and after experimenting with aluminum and carbon fiber, I returned to steel.

The way has been long. The real tuning actually started in 2006, when I won my first world championship. 
Since then, there have been quite a few more championships.

However, I felt that the existing devices were not quite suitable for me, and the desire to develop something different. 
Sometimes competitions have been won thanks to adjustments, but sometimes there have also been heavy losses due to equipment experiments. However, I have always been sure that you have to dare to take risks if you want to accomplish something significant. And I argue that this is true.

Now after 20 years kicking career, I finally feel like I have developed a kickboard that is a joy to compete with.

-Kai Immonen

1 490,00 €

"Steel is Real"

1 490,00 €

"Steel is Real"